The Slovak Republic is holding its fifth Presidency of the Visegrad Group (V4) from July 2018 until June 2019

The Slovak Presidency wishes to put emphasis on the strengthening of internal dynamics, competitiveness, security, interconnectivity and cohesion of the Visegrad region within the EU. The motto of the Slovak Presidency Dynamic Visegrad for Europe expresses the fulfilment of these ambitions.
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Green Report 2016


Step It Up Together with Rural Women to End Hunger and Poverty

“Step It Up Together with Rural Women to End Hunger and Poverty”, scheduled for 16 December 2016 at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, will provide an interactive platform to address the structural causes and consequences of gender inequality in rural areas and to identify the main challenges, gaps, opportunities and collaborative actions for unleashing the potential of rural women and girls to end hunger and poverty. Event is part of the events of Slovak presidency.
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Informal EU Forest Directors General Meeting (Bratislava, 7-9 November 2016)

The meeting was held within the activities of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The aim of the meeting was to discuss stay of play and further implementation of the EU Forest Strategy ...
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International Scientific Conference „Sustainable utilization of Plant Genetic Resources for Agriculture and Food“, Piešťany, 18. - 20. 10. 2016.

International Conference on "Sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture" was held from 18 to 20 October 2016 in Piešťany. The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, Director General for Agriculture Ing. Štefan Ryba, PhD. The conference was organized by the National Agricultural and Food Centre - Research Institute of Plant Production Piešťany, Gene Bank on the occasion of 20th anniversary of its opening.
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EU agriculture ministers meet in Bratislava to discuss farmers' position in the food supply chain and unfair trade practices

Bratislava 13. September 2016 – Slovak Agriculture Minister Gabriela Matečná received fellow agriculture and rural development ministers from the other EU Member States for an informal AGRIFISH meeting in Bratislava. The ministers discussed strengthening of the farmers' position in the food supply chain.
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Bratislava: Discussions about strengthening the regions positions in Common Fisheries Policy

Bratislava, 9. September 2016 – Fisheries Directors general and Attachés of EU member states met on Informal Meeting from 7. to 9. September. They discussed the observation of the principles of Common Fisheries Policy and strengthening of regionalisation principle.
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5th Annual Scientific Congress on Zoonoses, Foodborne and Waterborne diseases

Programme of the 5th Annual Scientific Congress on Zoonoses, Foodborne and Waterborne diseases – Bratislava, 18th-20th October 2016
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Programme of the Slovak Presidency

Within the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, the Slovak Presidency will look at ways to strengthen the position of farmers in the food supply chain, with the attention of adopting Council conclusions on this issue. Owing to the protracted crisis in the agricultural markets, especially in the dairy and pigmeat sectors, it plans to monitor the situation on the agricultural commodities market and discuss the need for measures to stabilise the markets. The Presidency will also aim to evaluate the progress made on simplifying the common agricultural policy. It will also pay attention to forests and forestry. In this context, it intends to help implement the EU Forest Strategy, in particular as regards the guiding principle of global forest responsibility.