Slovak Presidency of the Visegrad Group




Since July 1, 2022 till June 30, 2023 Slovakia has taken over its sixth Presidency of the Visegrad Group from Hungary. Rotating Slovak presidency runs in parallel with the Slovak Presidency in the Slavkov Format and with the Czech and Swedish Presidencies in the Council of the EU. The program of the Slovak presidency in the Visegrad Group was approved by the Slovak Government on June 28, 2022. After Slovakia, the Czech Republic will chair the group.

The basic philosophy of SK V4 PRES is built on three main principles:

  • positive agenda and contribution to common European solutions;
  • pragmatic approach and cooperation in areas where common positions can be reconciled with consideration of national interests;
  • sectoral dimension of cooperation with an emphasis on the citizens.

The main aim of the SK V4 PRES is to follow up on the previous successful Presidencies and by looking for synergies in areas of common interest, to support the promotion of both national and common priorities of the V4. The Presidency's priorities will focus on the following 4 key areas: connections, economy, sustainability and people. Attention will be paid to deepening the regional dimension and activities contributing to common European solutions with the aim of developing a strong V4 region as an inseparable part of Europe and existing international groupings.

Priorities of the SK V4 PRES in the field of agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic will focus its activities on the following key priorities within SK V4 PRES:

Implementation of the new Common Agricultural Policy after 2022. Preparation for the implementation and particularly actual implementation of the new CAP after 2022 will be one of the main priorities of the Slovak Presidency. In addition to supporting the application of more ecological solutions in agriculture, attention will also be paid on the cooperation and exchange of experiences in the application of the new delivery model of the CAP (NDM) and the introduction of financial instruments in the agricultural sector.

As another important priority has been identified the fulfilling the objectives of the "Farm to Fork" Strategy (F2F). In this context, Presidency will strive to achieve goals in the area of ​​reducing the use of pesticides and plant protection products, as well as goals in the limitation of the use of fertilizers by promoting of the approaches of the precision agriculture. Attention will be paid on finding an appropriate balance in fulfilling the goals of the F2F Strategy in such a way that won´t jeopardize the functioning of agricultural sector and food security. Emphasis will be given also to the effective measures in order to combat and prevent antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Slovakia intends to develop a joint dialogue with V4 partners with the aim to form a coordinated approach in relation to the new European legislation in the field of plant protection products (SUR).

Taking into account the fundamental importance of the soil for natural systems and the entire human society, to achieve the goals of the EU Soil Strategy for 2030, also in the connection with the application of the concept of carbon farming, represents another of the cardinal priorities of the Slovak Presidency in the V4. Main goal is primarily to promote and support the solutions that will contribute to the protection and restoration of soil and ensure its sustainable use.

In the field of forestry, the main priority of the SK V4 PRES will be the implementation of the EU Forests Strategy for 2030. In relation to the new forest strategy, the Slovak Presidency plans to focus on the promotion of sustainable forest management, including the application of close to nature management. Our main goal will be to strengthen the cooperation and to share and exchange experiences between the V4 countries, especially in relation to the proposed EU legislation.

With respect to the research and innovation, one of the main priorities of the Ministry will be to continue in effective cooperation within the BIOEAST Initiative and thus support the development of a sustainable bioeconomy in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The specific emphasis will be put to the strengthening the participation in shaping the policy of the European Research Area and in the framework program "Horizon Europe".

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