Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic

The Ministry performs state administration within the scope of its remit, including specialised state supervision in the areas of agriculture and rural development and it directs, guides and inspects the performance of state supervision in the following areas in particular:

  • protection and use of agricultural land and forest land,
  • the functions of state administration in forestry and hunting,
  • land consolidation, the fulfilment of restitution claims and the settlement of land ownership,
  • the functions of state administration of irrigation systems, drainage systems, monitoring the quality of irrigation water, issuing the Agricultural Code of Conduct, providing for the drafting and checking of fulfilment of the Agricultural Activity Programme in areas declared vulnerable.
  • plant varieties, animal breeds, plant health care and veterinary care including veterinary protection of state territory and control of the import and export of animals, animal and plant products, veterinary medicines, feed and plant protection products,
  • official control of foodstuffs and animal feed and control of the quality of agricultural, food and tobacco products,
  • technical control of agricultural and food machinery and equipment,
  • aquaculture,
  • commodity exchanges,
  • provision of support in agriculture and rural development,
  • issuing permits for the production of alcohol, its processing in distilleries and its marketing,
  • the licensing of the production of tobacco products,
  • the issuing of certification of authorisation to operate a public warehouse, approval of the business terms and conditions of a public warehouse, the keeping of a central register of storage accounts, the performance of control of public warehouses and the registration of goods receipts,
  • other matters pursuant to applicable legislation.